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What is a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)?

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are advanced storage systems that store electricity and release it later. They play a crucial role in stabilizing the electricity grid, maximizing the output of renewable energy sources and reducing peak loads.

Make your company self-sufficient with a Powerland BESS

Battery storage systems have become an essential component in energy management. These systems enable companies to store self-generated (solar) energy for use at times of high energy demand or low energy production, such as in the absence of sunlight. This allows companies to reduce their energy costs and their dependence on the electricity grid.

Avoid high consumption peaks

By using an industrial battery, you can save costs on the capacity rate. Since 2023, this rate has been based on both electricity consumption and peak power. A battery storage system can smooth out these peaks (peak shaving) by storing energy during off-peak hours and using it during peak hours.

This reduces the load on the electricity grid and therefore significantly reduces the energy bill.

Buffer tank and smart energy trading

A smart battery does more than just store excess energy. The battery can also supply this energy back to the electricity grid via grid injection. This process is controlled by smart software that automatically determines the best strategy.She does this by taking various factors into account, such as electricity prices, energy needs, weather forecasts and the grid connection.

This way you can sell energy at favorable rates when demand is high and generate additional income.

Never be without power

Forget power outages! Not only can a battery storage system help you save on your energy bills, but they can also serve as a backup in the event of a power outage. The stored energy is then used to keep the company running.

In addition, they have greater autonomy than traditional emergency power supplies such as generators.

Tailor-made projects

Interested in a battery storage system?

Contact a specialist to discuss the options for your specific situation and find out which battery system works for your company.

Depending on your energy needs, we install batteries from 50 kWh to 10 MWh. We first conduct a study to determine how much energy your company uses.

Don't wait any longer and take advantage of the benefits of a battery storage system.